What kind of data do we need to provide?

The sales transaction data we need is not hard to get and comes from your ERP or accounting system.  It’s quick and easy to continually load new data and build up a transaction history over time. It includes information like

    • What was purchased
    • How much it cost
    • When it was purchased
    • Who purchased it
    • Who sold it (if through a reseller)

While other data may be valuable as well, most of our customers supply only this essential data and are successful. This is all described in our Getting Started package.

Does it work for Prospects and my ABM Strategy?

Our solution is not designed to help you find new customers, it uses your existing customer transaction data to expand the business you do with your existing customers. Day2Leads will extend your current ABM strategy by turning your customers back into prospects.

How does it work?

We build predictive models which help us understand who’s going to buy what and when. Various types of algorithms are used to identify account buying patterns and time-based patterns to calculate predictions.

What will it give us back?

You’ll get back a pipeline of high-potential leads for upsell, cross-sell, new modules and consumables.  The leads identify the customer, what, when and how much for your company to take efficient follow up action. Each lead includes a “score” to let you know how likely the purchase is to happen.  You also get reports and stats on Sales Trends, Key Events, and Timelines.

How do I know that my data is secure?

Your data is secured in a VPC in the Amazon AWS infrastructure. It’s encrypted and secured using industry standard methods. Data security is vital to us and is something we take seriously. We comply with GDPR guidelines. If you still have questions we can put you in contact with one of our security experts. Read More

Does your solution work with Dirty Data

Is there any other kind? Yes, the first step in our process is to cleanse and consolidate your data. For example, if you sell red and green widgets, we might combine them and predict a widget sale, assuming the customer will choose the appropriate color. We’ve seen all kinds of data and have some great algorithms to prep it for predictions.

How much data / Transactions do I need to make this work

You need a minimum of 1000 transactions per year and a 3-year sales history. More data is always better. The frequency that you load new transactions depends on the length of the sales cycle. Our team of Data Experts will help you through this.

Does it work with my CRM or Marketing automation platform

Sure does, we provide options to feed opportunities directly into most popular CRM systems and flat file exports for custom implementations.  You use your existing workflow for follow-up, distribution of leads to your Resellers or leverage selected leads for email marketing campaigns.

How is it licensed?

We are a SAAS product, and our licensing covers an entire company for as many leads as we can generate. Pricing is scalable.

How long will it take to see Results?

Our initial analysis and modeling are usually done in 30 days or less. Once implemented, you can quickly and continually generate leads over time.

Can it help us if we sell through a reseller or partner channel?

Yes, it can. Working with reseller channels and their data has been a cornerstone of our solution for years.

Can I test drive your solution?

Yes, you can. Contact us to find out how.

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