Data Security

Data Security

We take Data Security seriously here at ChannelEyes. From our protected infrastructure to our policies and procedures, we are committed to ensuring your data never is used in a way you don’t want it used.

From the Legal Team:

In providing our Service, our Customers may upload data to our Service, which may include confidential or proprietary information or data about our customers’ customers (all of which we call “Customer Data”).  Customer Data is owned and controlled by our Customers, and any Customer Data that we maintain or process we consider to be strictly confidential. We collect and process Customer Data solely on behalf of our Customers, and in accordance with our agreements with the Customers. We do not use or disclose Customer Data except as authorized and required by our Customers and as provided for in our agreements with our Customers.

Customer is solely responsible for the content it uploads and the consequences of uploading it to the ChannelEyes service. Accordingly, Customer is responsible for ensuring a level of data protection commensurate with the sensitivity of the content it uploads to our service. Customer should not upload any personal data which is subject to security protections by law or by contract, or is considered to be sensitive under applicable privacy laws and/or Customer policies or contracts.

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