Category: Analytics

Can my Data help my Deals?

Time moves forward.  Deals move forward. Is there some way to determine the relationship between them and maximize the deals you can win? It turns out...
channeleyesAugust 17, 2018

Your Data isn’t a “Dirty” little secret

"My data is filthy." "My data is terrible." These are often the first two things we hear when we begin chatting about a data analytics engagement...
channeleyesJuly 24, 2018

“Hidden” revenue opportunities you can find in your customer sales transactions

Imagine reaching out to a customer and recommending a new product, suggesting an upgrade to an existing system or asking if they need to restock inventory....
channeleyesJuly 3, 2018

What’s next for your customers – it’s in the math!

Once we have completed a purchase or transaction with our customer, we should immediately begin thinking about how to continue our relationship so they become a...
channeleyesJuly 3, 2018

How Predictive Analytics drives Customer Lifetime Value

A customer is a collection of purchases over some period. The same entity, purchasing multiple items in multiple transactions from you has a lifetime customer value....
channeleyesJuly 3, 2018

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