Case Studies

Some of our Users


A large manufacturer of office goods has two types of revenue streams: one is project-based and the second is “follow-on” transactions. For example, installing printers throughout their customers’ facilities would be project-based, while the supplying of consumables (ink and paper) is “follow-on” business. Follow-on business makes up 50% of their revenue but is unpredictable and challenging to manage. Day2Leads lets this company understand what their customers are likely to buy next, gives them an expected date range for when these follow up sales may happen and lets’ them maintain their existing accounts more proactively.

IT Company

An IT company sells multiple product families through a reseller channel. They know that certain partners focus on particular products and leave money on the table by not selling other product families.

Day2Leads identifies the best opportunities for Partners to increase their sales potential by recommending what products their end-customers would likely purchase next.  Partners are now incented to broaden their customer conversations to include these additional product sets thus giving Partners a chance to maximize each customer’s lifetime value.

Office Supply

An office supply company sells various IT products like laptops, servers, and other IT related solutions. Approximately 40% of their customers make an add-on purchase within two weeks of each sale. The company is confident, however, that 80% of their customers are actually making add-on purchases within 30 days of purchase, just not from them.

Day2Leads identifies the most likely purchase that each customer would make based on their profile. This allows the office supply company to pre-market the most likely products and services to these customers.

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